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TCIC BIM Winners.jpg

TCIC Bid Competition

January 2017 - April 2017

Placed 1st in BIM category of The Construction Institute of Canada (TCIC) Bid Competition with extensive Revit model.


BIM Manager and Modeller


Dr. Paul Poh, Alice Chang, Sebastian van Niekerk, Victoria Staseff


Revit, Autocad

About TCIC Bid Competition

The Construction Institute of Canada (TCIC) Student Bid Competition is a 2 month event giving students the opportunity to explore the challenges that are present in the construction bidding and estimating process. Students formed their own construction companies and were given a set of construction documents (of an existing building) in order to estimate the cost of construction.

Real world situations such as addendums, sub contractor analysis, and Request for Information forms were utilized to simulate the conditions of the real industry. The following is the submission of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) category. The objective of this category was to explore the use of BIM within the current and future industry, understanding how a BIM model can aid in the construction and estimating process.

The BIM Model

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