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Community Theatre Main Prespective

Portland Community Theatre

2016 - 2017

As a half-community centre / half-performance theatre, this space brings people together through the performing and creative arts.


Architectural Designer


Sebastian van Niekerk


Revit, Autocad, Rhinoceros 5.0,   Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

About Portland Community Theatre

Located on the site of Portland and Wellington, the Community Theatre is in the midst of a flourishing commercial and residential area. With many high rises and condominiums being built, this space seeks to play a major role in the coming together of a community, while promoting the performing and creative arts.

Floor Plans

The ground floor of the building is considered the public realm. By placing the café and shop on the north west corner (the busiest corner of the building), the public is invited to engage the building. Additionally, a glazed wall wraps around large parts of the ground floor to create a transparency between the pedestrian paths and internal circulation.

The second level of the building houses the studios and black box theatre. All being double heighted spaces, these extend into the third story.

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The Studios & Theatre

The three studios are framed on the exterior by a precast concrete wall system, which captures the attention of people outdoor. Additionally the heavy mass of the concrete creates a stark contrast to the lightness of the glazing, creating a visual play between materials. The modularity of the glazing and precast concrete wall system is reflected on the interior through the use of repetitious elements in the guardrails and stairs of the atrium, ultimately tying together the building.

The Atrium

Community Theatre Atrium
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