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DVMC Website

April 2022 - August 2022

A redesign of Dini von Mueffling Communications PR's website to fully capture the depth of work that they do. Check out the live site!


UX / UI Designer, Website Builder (Wix & Editor X), QA Tester


Project & Account Managers, Copywriter, Developer, Other Designers


Figma, Wix & Editor X

About DVMC

DVMC is an independent communications agency comprised of diverse creative and strategic storytellers. They seek to create meaningful and impactful work - collaborating with like-minded clients in the social, technology, and design space to bring about positive change. 

Problem Definition

DVMC's previous website was a one pager that simply consisted of a logo and contact information. The website did not show any of the work they did, clients they worked with, or recognition they received. Therefore the problem was that the previous website did not accurately represent the agency and the depth of work they do. 

Project Goal

The goal of the new website would be to portray DVMC as a sophisticated agency that creates meaningful work for their clients. This would be done by showcasing and placing an emphasis on their case studies, client roster, and services offered. In terms of design, the website would be simple, clean, and minimal in order to let the content take centre-stage. 

Information Architecture

DVMC - IA.png

Content Blocking

A content blocking exercise was conducted in order to organize content and get an understanding of the flow of each page. This was done through low fidelity wireframes on Figma.

Telling the stories that matter.

 Visual Design

DVMC Style Guide.png


The two fonts chosen for the new website were Lora (serif) and Montserrat (san serif). Both these fonts compliment each other well while maintain readability. Using Lora for heading 1's provided a sense of elegance and sophistication, giving the banner section of each page a stronger visual presence. Montserrat provided a sense of simplicity and professionalism which made it a great choice for the main contents of the site. 


The colour scheme used was derived from DVMC's branding. Darker and lighter variations of the brand colours (blue and pink) were generated in order to arrive at the colour scheme above. These colours could then be used in various situations such as backgrounds, texts, icons, etc.

Build & Implementation

DVMC - HP Mock Ups.png

The build and implementation of the new website was done on Editor X. The site needed to be responsive from desktop to mobile, and needed to be easy to maintain in the future. Therefore the goal was to create a simple, minimal, and clean site that would showcase the client's work and projects. Check out the live site!

My Takeaways Moving Forward

The new Dini von Mueffling Communications website was launch in August 2022. I was able to take the site from conception through implementation, and was able to coordinate and oversee the entire process. Below are a list of skills that I was able to utilize.

  • Content Intake - sorting and organizing an abundance of content.

  • UX Strategy - creating a content strategy and applying it through wireframes.

  • Visual / UI Design - taking the client's existing brand guidelines and applying them to the visual design of the new site.

  • Problem Definition - identifying the problem of the previous site and why it was not meeting client's and user's goals.

  • Wix and Editor X - building the website through the platforms based on wireframes presented to client.

  • Quality Assurance Testing - conducting QA testing for all pages of website looking for bugs, inconsistencies, etc. 

  • Collaboration - working with a team consisting of other designers, project managers, account managers, copywriters, and developers.

  • Presentation - presenting the work to client.

If you would like to reach out to discuss the project, please feel free to contact me.

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